Research that you can potentially take part in:

    These are just a sample of the potential projects

      1) Individual differences in Autism Spectrum traits in the typical population and autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, and the link to biological motion understanding
        a. Relationship to task instructions/attention
        b. Sensitivity/ adaptability to motion cues
      2) Task distractibility by task-irrelevant visual information
        a. Link to individual differences
        b. Link to type of visual information
      3) Paradoxical negative effects of attention: when attention decreases performance
        a. Link to motion-induced blindness
        b. Influence of contrast of the visual stimuli
      4) Measuring the influence of noise in and on the brain
        a. Devising new ways to measure noise in the brain, mostly in terms of psychophysics
        b. Using the noise in the brain to achieve the best performance.